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Stress Management & Deep Healing for Trauma, Anxiety/Depression & More

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Individual coaching sessions where we dig into gain clarity on core issues, limiting beliefs, and the root cause of what’s creating the present-day discomfort.

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In-person and virtual classes, trainings, and seminars to teach the necessary tools and framework to cultivate a daily practice of personal growth and development.

Reiki Trainings

2 and 3-Day Trainings to certify and equip individuals with a deeper understanding of Reiki and how to use Reiki Levels 1, 2, & 3 for both personal use and as a practitioner.

Hello! I’m Christa

Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner

After years of unhealthy thought processes and poor life choices, my body had decided enough was enough. I developed an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditus. After years of deep struggle with my diagnosis, I came across Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In my first experience with EFT, I encountered how my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings were affecting my body. While I was tapping, I experienced a huge emotional and energetic release causing my symptoms to dissipate completely. 

As I released the painful thoughts and feelings, I experienced in real-time an immediate change. I knew I had tapped into something amazing. This was the beginning of a life-changing journey that led me down a path of deep mental and emotional healing and a return to health, vitality, and ultimately a career change from 30-plus years as a hairdresser to a certified practitioner and coach. I’m an ordinary person that has had an extraordinary experience and am living proof that it is never too late for deep healing and major life changes. I invite you to dive down this rabbit hole with me and begin your own healing journey.

Working with me you will…

Learn how to respond rather than react in stressful situations

Identify & heal the root cause of core issues and limiting beliefs

Learn the tools & techniques needed to practice daily stress management

My Approach & Values

I have always tried to live authentically.

At times it was authentically messed up. 

There are things I wish I had done differently but for various reasons, all of them rooted in pain, I couldn’t at that time.

The moment I could I did.

One of my favorite sayings is, “What I resist persists, because where I place my attention is where my energy goes…love and acceptance is the platform for change.”

When I found the courage to make better choices I had to dig deep to find grace for myself for the times that I couldn’t. It is important to me that you feel safe to be authentically who you are, even if that is authentically messed up…that you are met with grace and understanding and feel supported as you build the necessary framework to heal and create a better, healthier version of you. The modalities that I use in my sessions have been at the center of my ability to build the framework and healing I needed to create the amazing life I’m living now. It would be my honor to meet you right where you are and walk with you into healing, emotional freedom, and the life of your dreams. 

My Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions with Christa came at a fairly critical point for me, and I am happy to say they've been incredibly helpful. Christa was so understanding and able to “feel” what was happening. I felt an immediate connection with her. Christa prepared a personalized Emotional Freedom Technique script helping me to navigate through a very difficult family situation which weighed heavily oh my heart. The EFT lifted both the emotional and physical symptoms brought on by this family trauma. I felt dramatic relief and exhilaration. It was profound to have the burden lifted. It made me understand the interconnectedness of all our lives and it is no accident that people like Christa come into our lives. I am reminded to trust the twist and turns of life’s journey and there are gifted healers like Christa to help you through challenges. This therapy helped me enormously and I would strongly recommend anyone truly wanting to change to schedule sessions with Christa.

Kristina Rogers

I am grateful for the 12-week workshop that gave me daily/ weekly accountability to pursue more clarity for my personal vision, dreams & goals. I personally had been practicing EFT, the morning miracle practices and reading the book prior to attending the workshop; however, I felt stuck in a few areas & wanted to dig a little deeper. Having a more in depth look at each of the morning miracle practices has continued to enhance my daily habits of self care, reflection and helped me have better daily intentions. It was special to have a dedicated group to learn from & be accountable to, also. Christa teaches from her heart, education, training & personal experiences and it touches hearts & changes lives & minds. I highly recommend taking care of yourself through this workshop or other modalities like this. When we take care of ourselves we change the world one decision at a time ❤️🎁

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